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[Translation from Japanese to English ] (1) If the temperature of the sand is more than 28 degrees Celsius, female wo...

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(1) If the temperature of the sand is more than 28 degrees Celsius, female would be born. If less than 28 degrees C, male would be born.
(2) It establishes a mutualistic relationship with zooxanthella taken into its body.
(3) No matter whether it is contemporary species or fossil species, it is a collective term for what the concept of human being includes.
(4) The scientific name of Lowland gorilla is gorilla -gorilla -gorilla.
(5) The land of origin is the North America. As it does not grow any more once its flower blooms, it does not chase the direction of the Sun any more.
(6) It lives in the North America, The average body weight of male is 260Kg. It runs as fast as about 50Km/h speed.
(7) The diameter of ostrich eye is 5cm, and its weight is 60g, which is heavier than its brain(40g).
(8) It lives in rivers and branching bay area, and is considered as a model of legend of mermaid.
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