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[Translation from Japanese to English ] 1. On their long period flight movement, they sleep on one cerebral hemispher...

sunember123 Translated by sunember123
1. When flying for long periods of time, they exhibit a phenomenon called "hemispheral sleeping", where their hemispheres take turn going into sleep.
2. A dog's sense of smell is considered to be thousands to tens of thousands times better than humans', but their sight is only about 0.3 on the scale.
3. A parasite on climbing plants of the family Vitaceae, it's the largest flower in the world.
4. They lay eggs without building a nest. The male will go without food for 2 months protecting its young.
5. Their lifespan is extremely long, there has even been cases of individuals living to 140 years old.
6. The males have huge spatula-shaped horns, which they shed and regrow once a year.
7. Its rotation period is only slightly less than 10 hours. For that reason a powerful force pushing East and West is generated, lining the clouds into a striped pattern.
8. Its core is made up of a fourth state of matter, neither solid nor liquid nor gas, consisting of plasma and supercritical fluids.
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