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hhanyu7 Translated by hhanyu7
People tell a lie and commit a crime just because they want money and want to satisfy themselves. Some people even kill other people to get a small amount of money. A long, long time ago when money did not exist, people lived in cooperation to eat and live. This is an era that things are abundant and it is normal that we have something to eat and wear and a place to live. Want to eat something delicious, want to wear nice clothes or want to live a better place. People who are not able to control their desires tend to get into debt and commit a crime.
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お金が欲しい、自分の欲望を満たしたいというだけで、人は嘘をつくし、犯罪も犯します。 少しのお金が欲しいだけで人まで殺してしまう人がいる。大昔のお金のない時代、人々は食べる為、生きる為に協力して生きていた。物が溢れ、食べるもの、着るもの、住む場所があるということが当たり前のこの時代。おいしいものが食べたい、おしゃれな服が着たい、もっといい場所に住みたい。その過剰な欲をコントロールできない人は借金もするし、犯罪も犯してしまう。

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