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[Translation from Japanese to English ] (1) As long as this is seen, Jake will keep showing, unfortunately. (2) Th...

ka28310 Translated by ka28310
(1) As long as this is seen, Jake will keep showing, unfortunately.

(2) This forecast hits correct in high probability throughout a year.

(3) Don"t you wonder this? You guys think this is service for fans? If yes, then what is fan service for? :)

(4) In the first place, did he win Grammy award because of the fan service? Think about it as much as you can. It is not right, isn't it?

(5) The fans who do not know about the background in the past believe that Jake is her lover. And, the more fans increase, the more complaint is given to Bob. It is really unreasonable.
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③これは不思議に思わないのかな?皆さんファンサービスだと思っている? 何の為のファンサービスなの(笑)



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