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"Dear Sir/Madame, It is not my intention to be difficult, but seeing as how you procured this item through a supposedly “authorized dealer”, it seems as though you may have also been cheated. I own several Fender guitars and I am somewhat of an expert on the subject - This is not a genuine product. To address the statements in your response: 1. This is not a Bass. 2. Just because you claim to have purchased it from someone else who claims that they are authorized, does not mean that the product you sent me was authentic. – Because it is not. While it sounds logical, it is an unfortunate fact that people lie. 3. I have no question that the portion I took a picture of is a result of the production process… that is exactly my point! Fender wouldn’t sell a product with defects like this EVER! This is likely a cheap Chinese counterfeit model. 4. Finally – While your add doesn’t say that it comes with the bag, I asked you if it came with the gigbag previously (re: item#252147378189), and you said that it did. Since the authentic models ship in a Fender Deluxe gigbag, I assumed that is what it would come with. Please understand that I paid nearly a $200 USD premium over the normal price to get a genuine product. I have instead received a pretty obvious counterfeit that could have been sourced for much less. Since it seems that we have both been cheated… let’s not make this worse. You handled the transaction professionally, but it appears that you don’t really know what you sold. I’m giving you a just opportunity to do the right thing, and issue a refund. I’d like to get this matter resolved between us. Please do not force me to get the money processing companies (i.e. Visa/PayPal) involved."
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3.私が見た写真の部分は生産過程のものに間違いありません・・・まさにこれが私の言いたいことです!Fenderはこのような不良品は絶対に販売しません!これは安価な中国の偽物のようです。4.最後に、あなたの説明では商品にバッグはついていないとのことでしたが、元のギグバッグがついてきたか尋ねたところ、(re: item#252147378189)あなたはついてきたとおっしゃいましたね。本物のモデルはFenderデラックスギグバッグに入れて発送されます。当然それが付属するのだと思っていました。私は本物を入手するため、通常価格に$200USDほど上乗せして支払ったのです、ご理解ください。

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