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患者さんの傍にいる存在として ステーシー・ポールさん

日本でも制度が始まった「診療看護師」(Nurse Practitioner)は、看護と医学の視点を持ち、医師不足を救う存在として注目されています。アメリカでは、専門教育を受けた看護師が患者の診察や処置を行います。イリノイ州シカゴの病院で診療看護師として働くステーシーさんのお話からは、仕事への使命感、そして日本への思いが伝わってきました。



Translated by hhanyu7
As a person who is next to a patient, Ms. Stacy Paul

Japan has also started the system of the “Nurse Practitioner,” which is coming under the spotlight as a professional who has a perspective of nursing and medicine and can save a doctor shortage. In America, professionally trained registered nurses examine and treat patients. Stacy is working as a nurse practitioner at a hospital in Chicago, Illinois and her story was full of a sense of responsibility to her job and her feeling about Japan.

Entering the world of nursing after her experience in Africa

Her major in college was public health and she started working as a research assistant.

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