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[Translation from English to Japanese ] UPQ also offers a 50-inch 4K display for JPY 75,000 (US$602), a 14MP full-HD ...

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“We’ll offer just one color per season,” Nakazawa says. “Even if you only purchase one product, that splash of color will bring life to a plain space.”

She adds that only the colors will change seasonally – for a product like the smartphone, it will be refreshed once a year. If you don’t like the current season’s color? “Too bad,” Nakazawa says. It’s a controversial approach, but the entrepreneur sticks to her guns.

UPQ’s debut line is currently available on DMM.make’s online store. Nakazawa says she’s also in talks with Japan’s ubiquitous big-box electronics retailers so that consumers can “touch and try” each gadget before they buy.
Translated by a_ayumi

スマートフォンのような製品に関しては、色だけがシーズンごとに変わり、1年に1度だけ新しくなると彼女は付け加えた。今シーズンの色が気に入らなかったら? 「それは、残念でした。」Nakawaza氏は言った。物議を醸しだすやり方だが、この企業家は自分の信念を崩さない。

Translated by greene
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