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Thanks for your response. I'm just concerned that your listing showed two different guitars and that the colors were different, as well as the pick guards were not the same for this particular guitar that you just sold. If you have one available in the more wineburst looking color that is not so flawed I would be interested. The one you are offering now appears to not have been handled very well, but I would be interested in another if it shows up again.

Please tell a little bit more about this guitar. I own 5 Artist models and your guitar is not like any of them. Is this a restoration?
It does not match anything in the Ibanez catalogs. Your guitar has late model style tuners but a bone and brass nut which was discontinued after 1981.
The guitar is missing the script "Crafted in Japan" which normally appears under the serial number on all Japanese made Artists. Is this a Chinese copy?

Thanks for getting back with me with the website info, but I couldn't read it. Hopefully you know someone that understands English. Does the guitar have stamped inside the model number and sigma made for Martin? In what country was the guitar made?
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「Crafted in Japan」の文字もついていないようです。日本のアーティストモデルであれば、必ずシリアルの下に書いてあるはずです。中国のコピー商品でしょうか?

サイトの情報ありがとうございました。読めませんでしたが。英語が分かる方がそちらにいらっしゃると良かったのですが。ボディーの中にモデルナンバーとのSigma made for Martinの刻印はありますか? どちらの国で作られたギターでしょう?

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