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[Translation from Japanese to English ] The characters of Alice are everywhere in the restaurant. You can fully enjo...

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The store provides private rooms in which you can experience the living life of Japanese warlords in which you may feel as if you strayed into a battlefield.
At the entrance, customs-made three vibrant armors of "Sanada Yukimura" whose many heroic deeds at the Warring States are talked, as well as "Date Masamune", his enemy general in the 'summer battle' of 1615 and "Maeda Keiji"known as kabuki-mono( warriors who attracted public attention with their eye-catching clothes, peculiar hairstyle, and weird behavior) are displayed to express "ilusion of turbulent times of warriors.

The room of "Honnoji-temple Jigokuhen" is decorated with the concept of Honnoji-temple where the black worrir, Oda Nobunaga, was forced to suicide. The room which make us feel the beginning of the fierce battle is boosted with the counter seating "Oda Nobunaga" as well as two box seats "Akechi Mitsuhide" who raised a rebellion against Oda Nobunaga and "Mori Ranmaru",who was in favor of Oda Nobunaga.

Black Warrior of Oda Nobunaga and the last destination, thereby became famous concept of "Teramachi-Oike" between the counter to Oda Nobunaga's "plot" and "anti-lasted for Mitsuhide, Nobunaga's favor with the "Forest of orchid Maru two box seat, a hard-fought in the beginning. East and west military commanders are gathered in the large private room, "the Sekigahara big battle, the decisive" room. And "the room of the Keicho era Dewa battle" includes the private compartments of "Keiji Maeda," "Kanatsugu Maeda," and "Masamune Date" which are prepared as the warring states age private room space even accommodating the banquets.
"The bamboo steamers" such as "the Battle of Sekigahara" or "the Summer Siege in Osaka" which are named after the military commanders, "the bamboo steamer rice" using the famous ingredients from the places noted in connection with them, and other unique dishes associated with them or the famous battles are served in full variety. Lewis Carol's "Alice in Wonderland" themed fantasy restaurant
When you go through the entrance, you will be greeted by a giant picture book.
You will wander into a picture book world as you open the door just as you turn a page of a picture book.
On the other side of the satin draped approach is a "glass room" with glass panes on the four walls, and "picture frame room" surrounded by picture frames.
In the grand hall, you will see the green sculpture, a topiary garden with Queen's castle as a motif, a romantic gazebo, and Hatter having his tea party. The characters of Alice are everywhere in the restaurant. You can fully enjoy its parallel universe.
The restaurant serves French and Italian cuisine in the theme of cute and tasty.
You can have unique dishes and cocktails created in the motif of the unique characters such as "The White Rabbit" and "The Cheshire Cat", "The Caterpillar", "Queen's Soldiers" and "Tweedledum and Tweedledee".
The inhabitants of the Wonderland will celebrate your birthday, anniversary and even "Unbirthday" as described in the story.
You can enjoy the passage with vivid red parapet and rich natural beauty and the soothing space like a riverbed healed by small streams of river. All retro-flavored signatures and furniture of Showa Era in the store are "authentic" products used in private residences or purchased at the antique fair of Toji-temple.
We offer a variety of large or small private rooms richly infused with a traditional Japanese atmosphere such as a private room overlooking a beautiful garden square, a private room with 50's retro tables, cherry blossom viewing seats to enjoy cherry trees in full bloom and banquet rooms available up to 70 people with sunken areas beneath the dining tables for comfortable leg room. Enjoy the real Japanese food in the space overlooking the townscape of the Kyoumachi townhouses.
We offer the limited menus using the ingredients of the season and create four seasons atomosphere by the decoration in the shop! Please come to enjoy Kyoumachi and its different expressions by season.
"Cherry blossoms" in spring: we prepare the dishes using ingredients of spring and color the shop with cherry blossoms in full blossom.
"Matsuri (festival)" in summer: fair stalls of cotton candy or yoyo scoop come up! You can retrieve your childish innocence and enjoy feeling the nostalgic atmosphere.
"Colored leaves" In autumn: have dishes using seasonable ingredients in the shop decorated with beautifully colored leaves.
"Hot‐pot (cooked at the table)" in winter: three kinds of hot-pot dishes are served only in winter that warm your cold body. Awaodori in Shinjuku is a restaurant where you can enjoy the Japanese culture. In this restaurant, you can enjoy both "awaodori", the Japanese traditional dance, and dinner at "Izakaya".
While enjoying the entertainment show that is edited by "Association of Awaodori in Koenji" where those who belong to the association perform, foreign customers can enjoy the typical menu of the popular "izakaya that is the Japanese food culture."
You will hear the musical instruments that are necessary in the dancing, and also be satisfied with a live performance.
You will be overwhelmed by the show more.
We hope that you feel the Japanese dancing with you whole body as well as enjoy by eating. In the store, you can find traditional Japanese thread balls shining in 7 colors. The restaurant was designed with the concept of the gorgeous atmosphere of Edo period and Heian period.

The izakaya offers temari-zushi and tsukune (chicken or fish meatloaf) cuisines and elegant and ornate world of temari in the private dining rooms.
Temari, thread ball, was originally made as the toy to play in the imperial court in Heian period. Our rooms express such a gorgeous world of temari.
Enjoy our gorgeous-looking temari-zushi or charcoal-broiled tsukune-kushi in the world of glamorous temari that fascinates our guests. The interior of the shop represents two worlds, which are Heian period when "temari" was first made and Edo period when "temari" became widely known to people of the castle town. In "Ho-ou no Ma" or the "Phoenix Room", which has opulent and classy atmosphere resembling that of palaces in Edo period, single rooms with the feeling of seclusion line up, and, at the center, there is "Temari Single Room" that sparkles seven colors (rainbow colors).

"Temari Sushi" made from fresh fish sent directly from the source is very satisfying to both the eyes and the mouth! There are a lot of superb materials! Choose anything you like.
Put them on your individually prepared sushi tray and have a good meal.
You can also enjoy an abundance of other menus such as yakitori (grilled meat on a stickroast chicken) and teppanmushi.
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美しい坪庭を見下ろす個室や、昭和30 年代のレトロな雰囲気のちゃぶ台個室、満開の桜が艶やかなお花見席などの他、70名様までご対応可能なご宴会用堀座敷もあり、情緒溢れる大小様々な和の個室を数多くご用意しております。 京町家の街並みが広がる空間で本格和食を。
冬は「鍋」寒いからだを温める冬季限定の鍋料理がメニューに3種類登場します。 新宿にある阿波おどりは、日本の伝統祭り『阿波踊り』ダンスと『居酒屋』ディナーが楽しめるジャパニーズカルチャーエンターテインメントレストラン





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