[Translation from Japanese to English ] Regarding the product auctioned off, since it is a glass panel, I want to ask...

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- Posted at 17 Mar 2015 at 17:43
Regarding the product auctioned off, since it is a glass panel, I want to ask you to make it properly wrapped.
Please put a lot of cushioning materials in glass panel especially.
I was shocked I received broken NCINTOSH which I purchased for other seller the other day.
Also, the glass panel was broken because each knob puts pressure on the glass.
If possible, I want to separate the knobs from the glass panel.
I am glad that you can send both bodies and knobs put in the bag together.
Please ship the product not to be damaged.
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- Posted at 17 Mar 2015 at 17:51
Regarding the item that I won in the bid, please pack it securely as it is a glass panel.
Please put more than enough cushioning, especially for the glass panel.
I purchased NCINTOSH from another person the other day, and I was very shocked to find it broken.
As for the glass panel, it seemed that each knob was pressed against the glass, causing it to break.
Could you please take off all the knobs, if possible?
I would be grateful if you could put all the knobs in a bag and send it with the main part.
Again, please kindly ship the item in such a manner that it will not break.

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- Posted at 17 Mar 2015 at 18:35
Please pack very carefully the product I made a bid for because it is made of glass panel.
Especially in the case of glass panel, please put quite a lot of cushioning material in.
The other day, I was really shocked by MCINTOSH broken I purchased from other person.
It seemed that the glass panel was broken because of pressure from each nob to the glass.
Could you remove all of the nobs if possible?
I would appreciate it if you could send all the nobs put in a bag with the product.
Please send with no damage.
Thank you.


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