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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Coming out from the back, a Camellia-centric garden with flowers from all fou...

yukakon17 Translated by yukakon17
You will see the backyards with camellia blossoms and others throughout the year and "Tsubaki no Ashiyu (foot-bath)" after you walk through the store to the back.
Why don't you have a break at this Japanese place after you enjoy walking in town of Kawagoe.

There is a bar "Kura Ginger" where you can enjoy ginger ale and ginger tea which made from gingers made in Japan at the entrance on the first floor. Kawagoe is known as sweet potate, and "Imo Pan" with the sweet potato paste are sold only 100 everyday.
The selling points of this store is "Ashiyu bar" with this "Kura Ginger" and "Tsubaki no Ashiyu".
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