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[Translation from Japanese to English ] The winter scenery around the Nagatoro ravine horizontal sheet of rock which ...

black_silver Translated by black_silver
While riding a unique boat equipped with kotatsu (Japanese table with warmer function), you could enjoy the beauty winter scenery of Nagatoro valley Iwadatami which is one of natural monument.
From the boat you could see closely a breath taking `window of the world´of Iwadatami or Chichibuchi red wall.
You also could see an icicle of famous Chichibuchi water of Iwashimizu `rock dripping water´ during this winter season where the water dripping from the red wall.
Furthermore you could closely see a duck swimming and this will be a great experience to feel the natural beaty of Nagatoro.
You are allowed to bring food and beverage on the boat, thus you probably want to buy alcoholic drink or special local product near the market and enjoy eating and drinking at the top of Arakawa river.
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