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トーカイ CR P-100電子ライター300個 ブラック・ホワイト
花王 ウルトラアタックネオバラエティセット
【大塚製薬】オロナミンCドリンク 120ml×50本
牛乳石鹸 ミルキーソープ
リキッドトップ クリーンセット
P&G ボールド香りのセット
国産うなぎ 浜松・浜名湖うなぎ蒲焼4人前 ギフト箱入り
福島正八 オーガニックジャムセット
プリマハム バラエティハムセット
北海道産ゆめぴりか 10kg(5kg×2)

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Minami-Uonuma origin "Koshihikari" brand rice
Tokai CR P-100 Electric Lighter 300 pieces Black/White
Kao "Ultra Attack Neo" Variety Set
Otsuka Pharmaceutical "Oronamin C Drink" 120ml x 50 bottles
Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Donation
Gyunyu Sekken "Mikly Soap"
Japan Committee for UNICEF
"Liquid TOP" Clean Set
P&G "BOLD" Fragrance Set
Japanese Eel Hamamatsu/Hamanako ogirin Grilled eel 4 servings in a gift box
Shohachi Fukushima Organic Jam Set
"Prima Ham" Variety Ham Set
Hokkaido origin "Yumepirika" brand rice 10kg (5kg x 2)
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- Posted at 10 Mar 2015 at 12:45
Koshihikari made in Uonuma
Tokai CR P-100 electronic lighters 300pcs black•white
Kaoh ultra attack neo variety set
[Otsuka Pharmaceutical] oronamin C drink 120ml×50bottles
Revival domination for Great East Japan Earthquake
Gyunyu awaken milky soap
Japan UNICEF Association
Liquid top clean set
P&G Bold set of sent
Domestic eel 4 portions of broiled eel made in Hamamatsu• Lake Hamana in a gift box
Shohachi Fukushima organic jam set
Prima Ham variety ham set
Yumepirika made in Hokkaido 10kg (5kg×2)
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- Posted at 10 Mar 2015 at 12:45
Minamiuonuma Koshihikari
Tokai CR P-100 electronic lighter x 300 black and white
Kao Ultra attack Neo Variety set
[Otsuka Pharmaceutical] Oronamin C drink 120ml × 50
Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction donations
Milk soap Milky Soap
Foundation Japan Committee for UNICEF
Liquid top clean set
P & G bold flavor set
Domestic eel Hamamatsu Lake Hamana eel grilled 4 servings gift boxed
Prima Meat Packers Variety ham set
Hokkaido dream Pirika 10kg (5kg × 2)

ライオン キレイキレイギフトセット
【銀座千疋屋】 銀座プレミアムアイス
【プロが目利き!】極上宮崎牛 サーロインステーキ 180g×4枚
ティファール ヴィテス ネオ(1.0L)
シチズン メロディ電波掛時計(12曲入)
ライオン 香りつづくトップギフト
花王 バブ 健康入浴ギフト
セイコー 多機能防災目覚まし時計
みろくや 冷凍ちゃんぽん&皿うどん 
ツインバード シートマッサージャー
アラミス メンズポーチ
J.POSH ピンクリボン基金

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- Posted at 10 Mar 2015 at 13:00
Lion Kirei Kirei Gift set
Ginza Senbikiya Ginza Premium ice cream
Professionally chosen first-rate Miyazaki beef sirloin steak 180g x 4 pieces
Tifal Vitesse Neo (1.0 L)
Citizen Melody radio clock
Lion Lasting Scent TOP Gift
Kao Bub Healthy Bathing Gift
SEIKO Multi-function disaster prevention alarm clock
Mirokuya Frozen Chanpon noodles & Sara-Udon noodles
Twinbird Massaging seat
KAGOME Tomato juice (no salt added) (160g x 60 bottles)
Aramis Men's pouch
J.POSH Pink Ribbon Foundation
[Deleted Account]
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Translation / English
- Posted at 10 Mar 2015 at 13:27
Yukiko Hanai Square Sholder Bag.
Professional's Choice! Special Hand-Rolled Izumo-Soba Set (Large size)
Arnold Palmer Wallet
Radish Boya Seasonal Fruits Assortment (5 to 7 fruits included)
Arimuraya Satsuma Fries Assortment.
Panasonic Wrist Type Blood Pressure Monitor
Nescafé Premium Soluble Coffee Gift Set
Tanita Digital Kitchen Scale
Shikikiko 50% Duck Down Over Blanket.
Tirger Digital Controlled Table Cooker
Zojirushi IH Rice cooker (825 g)
Galler Premium Icecream set
Karcher High-Pressure Washer

ユキコハナイ ショルダーバッグ角型
アーノルド・パーマー 札入
らでぃっしゅぼーや 旬の果物セット(果物5~7品)
有村屋 さつま揚げ詰合せ
パナソニック 手首式血圧計
ネスカフェ プレミアム レギュラーソリュブルコーヒー ギフト
タニタ デジタルクッキングスケール
四紀季行 50%ダックダウン羽毛掛けふとん
タイガー マイコンテーブルクッカー
象印 IH炊飯ジャー(5.5合)
ケルヒャー 高圧洗浄機

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Yukako Hanai shoulder bag square shape
[Judgement by professional!] Specially selection of hand-rolled Izumo soba set (large)
Arnold Palmer wallet
Radish Boya seasonal fruits set (5-7 kinds of fruits)
Arimuraya Satsumaage assortment
Panasonic wrist type sphygmomanometer
Nescafé premium regular soluble coffee gift
Tainta digital cooking scale
Shikikiko 50% duck down feathers quilt
Tiger microcomputer table cooker
Zojirushi IH rice cooker (5.5 go)
Galley premium icecream set
Kalcher high pressure washer
Rating 53
Translation / English
- Posted at 10 Mar 2015 at 13:12
Yukiko Hanai Square-shaped shoulder bag
Professionally chosen! Hand-rolled Izumo soba set (large)
Arnold Palmer bill fold
Radish Boya Seasonal fruit set (5 to 7 fruits)
Arimura-ya Satsuma-age set
Panasonic Wrist sphygmomanometer
Nescafe Premium regular soluble coffee gift
TANITA Digital cooking scale
Shikikiko 50% Duck feather duvet
Tiger My-con table cooker
Zojirushi IH Rice cooker (5.5 go = 900ml)
Galler Premium ice cream set
Karcher High-pressure cleaner


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