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necorinzo Translated by necorinzo
As many Japanese are not familiar with the culture and custom which is unique in Thailand, the books translated into Japanese are valuable. I feel sorry that the translation lacking the explanation of the special terms related to the topic ruins the greatness of the original book. The female translator who understands Thai custom was expected to be in charge so she could use natural words with woman's point of view. Advanced Japanese writing skill is also required in order to make Japanese readers understand the context regardless of their age.
It is certain that there are many Japanese including students waiting for the translated book to be published. However, it is unlikely that the book translated by him will be published from Japanese bookmaker and it wouldn't sell even if it gets published. I believe Ms A is able to translate the original with deep understanding for the content considering that she studied Thai culture under an ethnological study professor and is around the same age of the author of the original book.
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