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[Translation from Japanese to English ] First, please choose the color you use and put your king, with it's face up, ...

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First, please choose the color you use and put your king, with it's face up, on the place with the crown with your color.
Then, put the chip of shield and armorial bearings, with the shield side up, in front of you.

To decide the turn, the one who plays chess the last would go fast. If it is not clear, the white goes fast.
Put all the chess pieces on the place with diamond mark, with its face down, closer to your king than the center. You don't need to use all box and you can pile up your pieces.
*When arrange the chess pieces, put the paper on center and hide where each other put. After the game started, I cannot confirm what was the down pieces.
Pieces were arranged, and then the paper wall is removed and the game begins.

Be sure to do one thing from the following actions.

1. Select my one piece and face up the upper side from the down pieces.
At this time, if the square putting on pieces duplicated is selected, the top piece faces up the upper side. Its under piece cannot face up the upper side.
2. Move my own piece being the upper side.
At this time;
-A piece cannot move to the square putting on my own pieces.
-If A piece move to the square putting on opponent's upper side piece, it is regarded as attack to opponent, and remove the opponent's piece. (Don't remove the king piece.)
However, you can't attack the man which, face-up though, has never moved.
・When you attack the King of the other player, you move to the square with X mark either on the other player's side or in the center.
※If the square is already occupied by a man regardless of yours or of the other player's, remove the man and replace with your man which attacked the King in the square with the X mark.
・When you move to a square with other player's man face-down, it means that you have locked the man and you put your man on top of the face-down man .
※After this no man can move to nor leave the square. ・The first player can move only when the other player has moved his/her man, or you have faced three men, or when there is no longer any man for you to face.

Movement method of each man
You can advance either longitudinally or sideways whatever squares as you like. You can't jump over the other man.

You can move diagonally as you like. You can't jump over the other man.

You can move two sqaures up and down or left and right plus a square perpendicularly. You can jump over the other man. ・King
You can move to one of 8 neighborhood squares. But only to the square with the crown of the same color or to the square with no mark, and he can't attack the other player's King.
※King can move only by the turn using its own crest.

③ Use of the crest
If your King is attacked, you flip a chip of your shield and crest, crest side up.

If you have a crest, you may use it. When useing it, you remove a shield and crest chip with the crest side up.
This way, in a turning,
・You can act twice.
・King who can't usually move can. ※Only one crest can be used for a turn.

If you repeat this and have attacked the other player's King three times or made the number of his/her men to three or less including the King, you've won.
※The locking or being locked men are not counted as left.

If the number of left men of both players becomes three or less at the same time, the player with more chips with the shield side up has won the game!
If the number of the shields is still the same, the player with more men left has won!
Then if the number of the left men are still the same, the player that acted last has been defeated.
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