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[Translation from English to Japanese ] Sabrina Deep - Queen of Bukkake and Gangbang I was born on Sep 11th 1978 and...

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Sabrina Deep - Queen of Bukkake and Gangbang

I was born on Sep 11th 1978 and i assurged to fame as a pornstar on September 11th 2007 when i celebrated my 29th birthday throwing a party which saw me being banged by 77 men for 8 hours in a row and broadcasting it live on webcam: at today this is still the world record for the largest and longest gangbang ever broadcasted live on the Net. Since then i haven't stopped loving to have sex with my fans. In 2009 and 2010 i have been invited on The Howard Stern Show, the most popular radio show in the USA, where i have been crowned Queen of Bukkake and gangbangs. I date my fans and i even give them my private phone number so that they can talk to me whenever they want.
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Sabrina Deep - ぶっかけと乱交パーティーの女王


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