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we ordered. Expected was a Rickenbacker 360/12 C63 but the guitarmodel you sent is a normal Rickenbacker 360/12. There is a different tailpiece, other pickups and a different headstock on this guitar. The guitars also have differences according to the price. The 360/12 has a list price of 2939 Dollar and the 360/12 C63 has a price of 3839 Dollar
We payed 3.224,00 Dollar AND nearly 500 Euro duty in Germany for a guitar, with a list price, that is roundabout 400 Dollar lower.
My father would also keep the guitar you sent, because sending it back would be extremely expensive. But at the moment it is massively overpayed and the duty was also extremely high. Is it possible to get price reduction?
h-gruenberg Translated by h-gruenberg
Rickenbacker 360/12 C63を購入しましたが、Rickenbacker 360/12 普通仕様が届きました。ギターの緒止め板が違うしピックアップやヘッドストックも違います。
Rickenbacker 360/12普通仕様で掲載価格2939ドルですが、Rickenbacker 360/12 C63は掲載価格3839ドルです。当方では、ドルで3224ドルに加えドイツの税金ほぼ500ユーロ相当支払っております。

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