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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Inner size: 22.5~25cm Outer size: length 26cm, width 9cm Material: Top - cot...

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適応サイズ:22.5~25cm 外寸:長さ26cm 幅9cm
素材: 【甲生地】綿 100% & 綿パイル
【中布】ジュート混(ジュート 50%/綿 25%/レーヨン 25%/)
【下底】アキレスレザー(PVC レザー)
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Size: 22.5 cm - 25 cm
Outer size: Length 26 cm, Width 9 cm
Fabric composition;
- Instep: 100% cotton & cotton pile
- Inside: 50% jute, 25% cotton, 25% rayon
- Sole: Achilles leather (PVC leather)

Outer material is Kurume fabric which is strong and used for Japanese cooking coat.
Insoles are made of jute, cotton, and rayon to prevent your feet from getting sweaty. You may feel comfortable with them.
Toes are turned up so that you do not trip over.
These shoes have grippy soles made of achilles leather. They are secure for seniors, too.

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