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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I work and do nothing special other than my work, so I have no topic to write...

snowbell Translated by snowbell
Since I am not working, I have nothing else to write in my diary. I am really glad that I've started to gradually understand English. On my days off work, all I do is going to an English conversation school, and then sleep a lot. I have never thought of you as a boring person (smile). What I enjoy most is hearing from you. Thank you always. I am grateful. I will study hard so that I can talk to you in English sooner.

Is America a wonderful place? Were you born in Hawaii? I was born in Japan. Ever since I was born in Tokyo, I have been at the same place all my life. It is my dream to spend my birthday with you next year. I will master English by then.

I was asked to think about my company's catchphrase in English. I have been thinking [...]. Do you have any good ideas? My company [.... Design] is the largest company in Japan.

Thank you for telling me that we would meet again. Those are the happiest words for me.

I look forward to watching sunset with you. It will be a moment that I will remember for the rest of my life.

How is your family?

Good luck on your work.
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