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 Born in a farming family in Oshino Village, Ms. Amano became the secretary of the Mothers’ Club, which was formed in 1960. Her continued struggle demanding the complete return of the Kitafuji Training Grounds to the village, holing up in a hut built on the land in the gunshot range, influenced many local struggles around the country. Gaining the support of Chukaku-ha (the Middle-Core Faction), she even dared guerilla activities and clashed with the police.
Fujie Omori, 83, who was active in the Mothers’ Club, recalls, ‘We continued our struggle purely out of our wish to have our ancestral land returned. Because of Mie and Kimie, we all followed them. Now that they are both gone, I really miss them.”
A man who supported Ms. Amano’s activity for about thirty years looks back and says, “She had firm beliefs and a big heart. She encouraged everyone by telling of her own experiences.” The eldest daughter of Ms. Amano, Megumi Hiratsuka, 57, says, “She was a very gentle mother once she was away from the struggle. She was a wonderful mother and I respect her.”

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