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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I made an inquiry with the FJ factory for the B6 string. The outcome is you ...

14pon Translated by 14pon
I made an inquiry with the FJ factory for the B6 string. The outcome is you can string 095 as long as it is for baritone guitars. However, if the string is for bases, it comes with a same gauge but with a different ball-end size, thus unable to be used.

Even a specialist at FJ factory seems to have never seen a 095 baritone string, and he even asked me if there was such a string.

I would appreciate if you could let me know of the manufacturer and the model of the 095 baritone strings you are using for your B6.

Thank you.
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中学・高校 6年間 (当然優秀)
大学(R大学英米文学科卒。当然現役入学) 思いっきり落ちこぼれ。学習時間、正味50時間ぐらい?

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