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[Translation from Japanese to Native English ] 12 ・Finished Goods and Raw Materials, Adding about 3 times the Value to the ...

chanceofrain Translated by chanceofrain
・Finished Goods and Raw Materials, Adding about 3 times the Value to the Consumer
・Customer Service via the Weapon
・Processed Products Adding about 1.25 times to 1.3 times the Value to the Consumer than for Raw Materials
・Merchandising as a Weapon
・No. 6: Efforts to Industrialize
・No. 6:
Combine All Industries: Primary Industries (such as Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries), Secondary Industries (such as Processing), and Tertiary Industries (such as Retail)
With Agricultural Products Processed Accordingly, Fish Fillet, and all Packaged in Bags or Boxes, the Product is Ready to Sell to Consumers, Supermarkets, and Restaurants
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