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My name is Hidetoshi Nasu and practice an acupuncture clinics in Okinawa, Japan.I have visited Auckland and Christchurch in January, 2012, partly because I would like to move to New Zealand in future. As I expected, Christchurch has not recovered from the earthquake. I could see so many wrecked buildings all around in the city, I understood the impact of the earthquake. The northeastern area of Japan has got so much damages from earthquake and Tsunami in the same period. Being victims from earthquake as well, I hope reconstruction would start soon. While in New Zealand, I had opportunities to practice acupuncture therapy to several Kiwi people. People were pleasantly surprised by acupuncture's effectiveness at improving symptoms. I felt like New Zeland's oriental medicine interest level and needs are just as high as Japan's.

In my daily practice, I see baseball team players that come to camp in Okinawa, as well as high school sports injuries. As a health care professional, I have seen many patients with musculoskeletal diseases.
Depending on the symptoms, I may use use scientific techniques from traditional oriental medicine, acupuncture techniques that have been used since ancient times, or use modern medical anatomy.
Acupuncture is a good technique for treating lower back pains and hernias by working with the inner muscles. •Sciatica・Moderate spinal stenosis・Omarthritis・arthritis of the knee
The effect of acupuncture has greatly gained the support of many patients.

In recen years, the Japan Soccer Association, the World Cup, and the Olympics all have incorporated acupuncture for the care of their players.
We believe acupuncture could be expected to very effective in treatment of injured athletes and for body maintenance.

Right now my family has migrated towards New Zealand to seek work through Christchurch. Relocating to a foreign country is not a trivial matter. In my youth, I was first attracted by and began to consider immigration to the beautiful country of New Zealand because of the youth rugby team, the All Blacks. I'm eager and hopeful to find work, raise a family, and have a happy life in this country. While I don't do rugby any longer, my desire for a strong challenge is alive and well.
Meanwhile, I met your healthcare provider, the doctor of Northlands Medical Sports Care. This doctor has done his everyday clinic daily examinations and treatment technologies with great professional medical technology. If I can work with you, it will bring me a wonderful experience and learning. opportunity. If I have a chance, may I work as an intern for about a month? And if my acupuncture skill is beneficial to Northlands Medical Sports Care, I appreciate that you support my work visa then. I hope to support recovery of Christchurch with an acupuncture technique developed in Japan. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.
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得意なテクニックはインナーマッスルにアプローチする鍼灸テクニックと腰痛・ヘルニア ・坐骨神経痛・中程度の脊髄狭窄症・肩関節炎・膝関節炎です。



そんな中、貴店のHPを拝見し、Northlands Medical Sports Careのドクター達は素晴らしい専門的な診療技術と治療技術をもって日常の診察を行っているように思いました。 もし、一緒に仕事が出来るならば、私にとって素晴らしい経験と学びがあるだろうと思います。私にチャンスがあるのでしたら1ヶ月ほどインターンシップをさせていただけないでしょうか?そして、私の鍼の技術がNorthlands Medical Sports Careにとって有益であれば、その時にワークビザのサポートをお願い出来れば幸いです。

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