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[Translation from Japanese to Native English ] •The Current Status of Japan's Agriculture-Related Businesses •Is the Agricu...

chanceofrain Translated by chanceofrain
•The Current Status of Japan's Agriculture-Related Businesses
•Is the Agriculture Industry of Japan Declining?
•Shrinking markets: Agricultural Markets Are Shrinking Overal, but Vegetable Market Up Slightly
•The Status of Japan's Agricultural Leaders
•Following Steady Decline, the Average Age of Farmers is Progressing
•The Status of Farmland in Japan
•The Steady Decline, Abandoned Farmland Accounted for 8% (386,000 units) of Farmable Land
•Status of Income of Farmers in Japan
•Less Farmers Earning Enough Income in Agriculture
•The Number of Farmers Making a Living in Agriculture Declining, The Number of Farmers That Do Not Primarily Rely on Agricultural for Income (Part-Time Farmers) Increasing
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