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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I’m sorry. As you may have noticed by now, this site is exclusive for Sato. I...

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In search of sweethearts dot com (koibitosagashini.com) [恋人探し.com] is a safe, secure, and free-to-use site. There's no membership required! You can try searhing, sending messages, and sending facebook friend requests.
You can find other people who share your enthusiasms; cat-lovers, people who enjoy table tennis, people who like haikyo site-seeing, and those who enjoy cycling activities.
In order to be able to communicate easily, please use responsibly. So please stop and seize this chance to meet others.
Natoraba and ETtoday have referred this site. Search and select criteria ♪ heterosexual matches are displayed. Like this Facebook app.
Hello! Hey sweety, is that you? I sent you a message! I know you are surprised because it's so sudden... I'm a bold one. Ehehe. Um, do you like to start out as friends? Please write a reply message here. Write a message here
I will show you the name and face of the partner of your destiny. Please enter your name. The person here is your partner of fate! I hope your romance soars in this horoscope! Sorry. If you didn't already know, this dating site is a site dedicated to me, Sato. Dozens of results will be displayed if you search. I cannot register everyone's account. This has been produced with excitement. If you're lacking the money and/or the courage to go to a place to meet people, or women who, might be caught in a trap, I think that it's good meeting people this way. I think that if you make a date here you will be only end up like this. Oops. Please forgive me, because I meant no offense.
I was allowed to use a cute picture for the home page. The first in the world? Registry-free love match site. Of course, it's full-features are free. Meet all you can!
Registry-free & quick search love matching site.
This is your partner of your destiny.
Accept and recieve!
Great search!
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How is this person?
It is nice if cat droppings had replaced all guns in the world. There wouldn't be and bloodshed. Of course to be effective, the criminal being attended to by the police simply should stop moving. If you were hit with cat droppings wouldn't it be disgusting?!
If this tire grows more larger, I'm able to live within it. I have sumo wrestled in the park before. I was called the 'casual sumo' because of my ease of casual dress. Two-for-two sumo is fun in its own way. There is a strange exhilaration from when you have been cornered in the edge of the ring, and then boldly pushes the enemy and his companions out of the ring. Composition that is at the expense of fellow told me. Sacrifice is not it not of the ordinary kind in sumo wrestling. I wish there were a cafe where everyone can feel free to sumo wrestle. It is nice to watch someone play while sipping coffee. That matters in today's world. I love playing ping-pong. I play the game with old ladies at nearby elementary school. But I have a lot of difficulty beating them because they are so good.I sometimes feel that Ping-pong is like dance when every shot I do goes perfectly. I really feel satisfaction in that moment. But ping-pong is such an exquisite sport that I can't even shot normally when I am fear of playing aggressively, maybe It's just for my poorness though. Why not playing pig-pong with me? I sometimes visit Taninaka in Taito-ku. There're so many cats out there, and it's like a perfect place for cat-lovers. One day I was wondering that how the cats would react when I show some pictures of very beautiful cats, and went to Taninaka to try it. Honestly I expected that they got embarassed and looked away from those pictures or tryed to get those aggressively, but in fact had no reaction about that. I have been to Tashiro Island in Ishinomaki, Miyagi-prefecture which is famous for having lots of cats once in summer season. There're more cats than people who live there. When The Touhoku Earthquake happend, the island also suffered from the tsunami, but the cats survived so bravely and I felt really happy about that.
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「ねとらぼ」と「ETtoday」でこのサイトを紹介していただきました。 条件を選択して検索♪マッチする異性が表示されます。気に入った方にFacebook申請するorしない。
あなたの運命のお相手の顔とお名前を表示します。あなたのお名前を入力してください。運命のお相手はこの方!この占いであなたの恋愛が右肩上がりになるといいですね! 申し訳ございませんでした。もうご存じだとは思いますが、この出会い系サイトは私佐藤専用の出会い系サイトです。検索をすれば数十人の私だけが表示されます。誰も新規に登録することはできません。出会いも無ければ、街コンに行く勇気もお金も無いので、こんなふうに自分だけが表示される出会い系を作ればきっと誰か女性が、良い意味で罠にはまるかもしれないと思いワクワクしながら制作してしまいました。悪気は無いのでどうかお許しください。
トップページのかわいい絵を使用させていただきました。 世界初?登録不要の恋愛マッチングサイト。もちろん全機能無料。出会い放題!
このタイヤがもっと大きければ、この中で住めそうです。 以前よく公園で相撲をしていました。気楽に普段着でやるのでカジュアル相撲と名付けていました。2対2の相撲は独特の楽しさがありました。仲間が土俵際に追いつめられている時に、思い切って敵と仲間ごと外に押し出したときなんかは不思議な爽快感がありました。仲間が犠牲になってくれた構図です。普通の相撲でこういうサクリファイスは無いですよね。みんなが気軽に相撲ができるカフェが欲しい。コーヒーをすすりながら誰かの対戦を鑑賞するのもいいです。ぶつかり合うことが、今の世の中、大事ですよね。 卓球が好きです。近所の小学校で毎週おばあちゃんたちと遊んでいます。でもみんな上手なのでなかなか勝てません。卓球ってなにかすべてのタイミングが合って気持ちよく打ち返している時、もはやダンスだなって思います。恍惚な気分に浸れます。しかもとても繊細なスポーツでちょっとでも怖気づいて受け身になるとまともに打てなくなったりします。それは僕が下手なだけなのかもしれませんが。卓球、しませんか。
たまに台東区の谷中に行きます。谷中は猫たちがいっぱいいて、猫好きにとっては聖地みたいな場所です。 「猫に美人猫の写真を見せたらどんな反応をするか」が知りたくて、谷中で出会う猫たちに、(人間にとって、というか僕にとって)美人猫の写真を見せました。恥ずかしがって伏し目がちになったり、「その写真くれニャー!」とこちらに突進したりするのを期待しましたが、彼らはまったくのノーリアクションでした。

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