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.①の左手側が下になります ②の洗濯ネームが付いている右手側を上から締めてください。
■ 使用上の注意
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The Ballroom Dancing Teacher Idea
The "Guitto Spine" Belt

How to wear
1.) The arch pad has a velcro surface.
Please adjust the height so that the left and right straps rest between the shoulder blades.
※ If your silhouette is a concern when you go out, travel, etc, please remove the pad.
2.) As shown in the diagram to the left, to make it easier to put on the belt, attach the left and right sash straps after straping on the wasit belt.
Please try the attachment
※ Please be careful not to twist the sash belt.
3.) Tighten the waist belt, putting slight pressure on the abdominal area, but please keep it taped in a way that is most comfortable to you.
① The left hand-side will be underneath
② Please tighten the top right-hand side when washing the side with the name.
4.) Please fix the waist belt by adjusting the velcro tape surface on your Guitto belt.
※ Please do not excessivly tighten. When overtightened, this product may cause restrictions on bloodflow.
※ Remove the arch pad when washing. Please hand-wash the body of product.
※ If there is a situation when the top goes up, from things like pants, belts, etc, pull and adjust the rise.
■ Precautions on Using
· Please keep out of reach of children
· Please only use this product as intended
• Please discontinue use immediately if you have any unusual symptoms such as, but not limited to, dizziness, nausea, headache, and heart palpitations.
• Please avoid sleeping while wearing product, or it is difficult to be aware of any unusual discomforts.
· Please refrain from excessive tightening, loosen if there is discomfort.
· Please do not leave it in a place that may be exposed to high temperatures, such as near open flames and stoves.
· Please do not use if you have severe pain or for those hospitalized with low back pain, etc.
· Please wear overtop of underwear.

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