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[Translation from Japanese to Native English ] Okay, let's get started. We are BestStyle.me This is out of blue but do y...

chanceofrain Translated by chanceofrain
So pleased to meet you. I'm [BestStyle.me].

Suddenly, is everbody confident in their fashion sense?
[I like this dress, I bought it at the shop, but where will I wear it anyway?]
[If I ever go out on a date, I'll wear it]
That kind of thing, right?

So, at a time like this, are you?
・Have you ever read a fashion magazine?
Well, the clothes you own might not necessarily coordinate.
Even if they do, I don't know if they would suit you.

・Did you see the snap site?
I don't know if it correctly coordinates, or if it looks good on you.

・Do you want to ask questions on Quora?
It takes tedious time and effort to type and to reply to complex questions. And the quality is questionable.

・Have you tried TRUNKCLUB recently?
You might get clothes that look good but, it takes time and money.

To solve all these overwhelming service problems, is BestStyle.me. BestStyle.me is
(In the moment)
(Always with you)
(the right answer)

My opinion.

Please watch the demo movie.

In this way, my opinion is going to want to learn the coordinates of the color that suits ○ ○ ○ now. For example:
Depression and age. Color-coordination and the reason why that is its coordination, or why it turns out looking good.. You are able to not only know the suitable fashion sense, but also look well-coordinated. BestStyle.me is an engine that cordinates all rules for a professional fashion stylist and their procedures. In other words, it's the same as if a professional stylist were presenting styling uniquely appropriate to you.

It is the future.
First, the development has only just begun (in January), so there are a lot of unimplemented features. We will implement more and more here, and we will continue to raise the quality of the AI system, so that it matches the user more and more. Here is a table of growth in the market for the past 5-7 years of the United States and Japan fashion E-Commerce. As you can see, it is soaring.
In 2015 it is expected to be approximately 11.8 billion in the Japanese market, and 64 billion in the U.S. market.

To monetize, we will focus on 3 key aspects.

The first is an orthodox affiliate.
The user will click on the products that they want, leading to a destination site's product offers. Then, we will recieve a commission if it purchased. The second is the sale of advertisement space.
You may earn a placement to link to coordinate's details page.
You can advertise fashion items for the people who are holding the ad pane "I want to know what coordinates with this dress" to resolve the ad pane.
Like ad-words.

The third, Affiliate, is the subscription fee, though it, the "BestStyle.me" AI button can be implemented in their system.
Established for each item in the EC is a button for each site. And after pressing the button, something coordinated to match the item will appear. Thus, revenue for the company will be generated from the purchase price of the items that the customers want, the EC conversion rate of the site, and the combined affiliate compensation.

I have received a seed investment from Japan's fund incubator fund bait. It was made to participate in an event called bait camp incubation. This way, the company's investment will be adopted.

An introduction to the team:
I am Chikazawa [近澤], manager of Original Entertainment Office [元芸能事務所](Gangeinoujimusho), one of the qualified holders of Google Adwords.
Tada [多田] is an engineer. And my co-worker Mr. Shingo Tsuno [津野真吾], a top-class professional stylist, who has pulled coordination, logic, rules, and procedures out of fashion. He is also an active figure in the entertainment industry.

• Do you wonder how you should combine clothes?
• Whether it's to be matched with clothes that you currently own
• Whether it suits you
• Speed​​-up to get the answer
• Snap-site
• Q & A site
• Comparison with other services that might be able to resolve the same pane
• He has a lot of knowledge and experience as a top-class stylist ・We were able to get into the system to extract it
・We began development
・Our quality of service is getting better and better
・Fashion preference and tastes in clothing
・Affiliate Rewards
・Revenue model of the 3

With our means, the search results at a glance page and coordination details page were, naturally, set up without a hitch. Also entering a page's keywords, like things such as clothes and color names, also further enhance SEO policy.
In addition, with the mass launch and promotion Google Adwords, we have inbound marketing as well. Middle school and high school boys have no fashion sense like individuals attending co-ed colleges. There are no absolutes, but being uncool is distressing when one does not know how to be stylish.
It is extremely cool to see passionate fashion coordination in the time of Hori Productions, the talent (mister) stylist of fashion coordination.
It is said this fashion-conscious world, this teaching period of paint,
It's impressive to see that fashion coordination has become popular.
Match the art of Japan's top list of fashion.
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・ ファッション雑誌を見ますか?
あったとしても。あなたに似合うかどうかはわかりません。 ・ スナップサイトを見ますか?

・ Quoraで質問しますか?

・ 最近話題のTRUNKCLUBを使いますか?




年齢をうつと、このようにコーディネートと、さらに何故そのコーディネートがいいのかという理由が出てきます。あなたは似合うコーディネートがわかるだけでなく、オシャレなセンスを身につける事もできるのです。 BestStyle.meはプロスタイリストのファッションコーディネートルール、手順を全てシステムに落とし込んだエンジンです。つまり、プロスタイリストと同じように、あなたに適切なスタイリングを提示します。

まず、開発は1月に始まったばかりで、未実装の機能がたくさんありますので、ここをどんどん実装していき、AIシステムとして、よりユーザーにマッチしたコーディネートが出るようにクオリティをあげていきます。 また、こちらはアメリカと日本のここ5〜7年のファッションEコマースの市場規模の伸びについての表ですが、ご覧頂けるように、右肩上がりです。
2015年には、アメリカ市場約640億ドル 日本国内市場約118億ドルと予測されています。


ユーザーが欲しいと思った商品をクリックしたら、提供先サイトに繋がり、購入されれば手数料が入ります。 2つ目は広告枠の販売です。
このボタンを各ECサイトのアイテムごとに設置します。押すとこのように、そのアイテムに合うコーディネートが出ます。 これにより、ECサイト側のコンバージョン率アップし、組み合わせるアイテムの購入金額から、当社へのアフィリエイト報酬が発生致します。


私は元芸能事務所のマネージャーかつGoogle Adwordsの資格保有者、近澤、多田はエンジニアです。 また協力者として、芸能界で活躍しているトップクラスのプロスタイリストである津野真吾氏からファッションコーディネートのロジック、ルール、手順を引き出しています。

・ どうやって服を組み合わせればいいのだろう?
・ 手持ちの服に合わせられるかどうか
・ 自分に似合うかどうか
・ 解答を得るまでの速さ
・ スナップサイト
・ Q&Aサイト
・ 同じペインを解決できるかもしれない他サービスとの比較
・ 彼はトップスタイリストでたくさんの知識と経験がある
・ 私たちは、それを抽出しシステムに落とし込む事に成功した
・ 開発スタート
・ どんどん(サービスの)質が良くなっていく
・ (服の)趣味、好み
・ アフィリエイト報酬
・ 3つの収益モデル

また、Google Adwordsやマスプロモーション、インバウンドマーケティングも仕掛けます。


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