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Japan Tourist Agency, METI, JNTO and JETRO Formulate Joint Action Plan to Increase visitors to Japan

Japan’s four organizations - Japan Tourist Agency, Ministry of Economic and Industry, Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO) and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) - have formulated a Joint Action Plan for increasing the Number of Foreign Visitors. The plan was drawn up based on the Action Program toward the Realization of Japan as a Tourism-oriented Country, which was compiled at the second meeting of the Ministerial Council on the Promotion of Japan as a Tourism-oriented country (chaired by the Prime Minister), held on June 11.

Hereafter, the country will undertake various efforts to increase the number of foreign visitors to Japan by further strengthening efforts which effectively utilize both tangible and intangible resources that the four organizations possess at home and abroad.

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I-Zone highlighted its eco-friendly technologies, such as electronic cars and the latest snow air conditioning devices, which became hot in the wake of the G8 Hokkaido Summit.
C-Zone introduced visitors to local folk music and culture about the Ainu indigenous people and the Yosakoi-soran festival.
E-Zone promoted commemorative items including music box playing a corporate song and fruits bearing a logo, which visitors can make their own.

Attendees of travel companies and MICE agencies from overseas expressed their thoughts, saying “The scenery which Sapporo creates with snow is fantastic, and it is a great tourism resource. There are also resorts like ski sites in a short distance from the city with full of facilities, so we can plan various types of events.”

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進行役を務めた高見牧人参事官はMICE強化を プロダクト・プライス・プレイス・プロモーションというマーケティングの4つのPの観点で日本MICEの課題を提起。



Counselor Makito Takami, who moderated the subcommittee, brought up Japan’s challenges in strengthening its MICE business by pointing out the 4Ps marketing paradigm - product, price, place and promotion. Mr. Takami made proposals on financial effort to overcome the country’s weak point of high cost of hosting exhibitions. He also mentioned the need for MICE-focused branding, and suggested participants to actively use the overseas media.

On the other hand, the participants pointed out that the other Asian countries - Japan’s competitors - receive subsidies from their governments. And, they suggested the Japanese government should take a good control of its administrative systems, such as building a mechanism which enable each Japanese city to cooperate with the government as the hub and a spoke, instead of simply competing against the competitors with the amount of subsidy that it offers.

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UFI set up South-American Chapter, and partnered with AFIDA

The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, UFI, announced on February 6th its creation of a South-American office as a new chapter after opening its chapters in Europe, the Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. The chapter is founded with the aim of improving the South American’s influence on both the global economy and the International exhibition industry.

Mr. Xianjin Chen, UFI President, signed a memorandum of understanding with Mr. Andrés López Valderrama, the president of the Asociación Internacional de Ferias de America (AFIDA).
The two organizations agreed to work together for the continuous expansion and growth of the exhibition industry in the South American region and for a further effort to promote and support its members of the organizations.