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Substitute coal is a collective term of fuels replaced and used by wood coal such as artificial coal, pea coal and coal field. People started using coal field from Edo era, artificial coal in the middle of Meiji era and pea coal in the middle of Taisho era.
The expansion of substitute coal's demand was caused by the shortage of wood coal in the early 1920's.
From the early times of Meiji era to 1920, Japan was a major exporter of wood coal, but the amount of import increased in 1921, Japan became an importer of wood coal on the following year 1922. Especially when the Great Kanto Earthquake struck in 1923, the amount of wood coal imported doubled.
Given the volume of production increased then, the increased demand could be attributed to urbanization.

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Unlike Japan's main island, it was difficult to pass the winter in Hokkaido without using stove because of the climate. People started using wood fuel stove since around 1876 in Sapporo and coal fuel stove came out in 1890's. The price of firewood rose since the early 1920's due to the shortage of firewood after further development of land. Then the usage of coal increased rapidly after convenient coal stock stove became domestically-produced. Survey in 1937 showed the ratio of household using coal fuel took up 70% in cities and 33% in countryside. Even in Fukuoka prefecture, where climate is mild, many households used coal fuel. This is because Fukuoka prefecture is one of the coal producing areas.