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Some competitors in this space, like Addvocate-Trapit and SocialChorus, concentrate on leveraging their employees’ social media channels and company-generated content. Amplifinity offers an automated, white-labeled platform, while Zuberance has tools like publishing to third-party review sites. Extole and Boulder Logic provide automated customer referrals.

Organ distinguishes his company by its “more comprehensive,” self-service, rewards-driven community.

He said the idea came in 2005 when he was at Eloqua, from a suggestion by a venture capitalist to find out “why some sales processes closed in four days rather than four months.”


Addvocate-Trapit やSocialChorusのようないくつかの競合企業は、従業員のソーシャルメディア分野や会社生成コンテンツを投機させようと考えている。Zuberanceが第三者が論評するサイトを発行するようなツールを持ち合わせている際、Amplifinityは自動的で、ホワイトラベルされたぶらっとホームを要求した。ExtoleやBoulder Logicは自動的顧客照会を提供している。