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Born and raised in France, I have been living and working in Japan since 2012. Fond of traveling, music, and gaming, I also interact on a daily basis using my three languages: French with relatives, English with local friends, and Japanese with my colleagues. I am convinced that translation is not only about words, but about culture as well, and I always strive to make my texts as if they were originally written in French.

I spent the first 22 years of my life in my home country, France, as far as I remember in its Southeastern part.
After graduating from high school in literary studies (majored in English), I naturally headed to the university to broaden my English skills, along with Japanese that I always wanted to learn. However, I eventually decided to redirect myself to international trade studies (including English), along with some private Japanese lessons, enabling me to pursue my dream and go to Japan twice as an intern (2x2 months). That was my first step into this country!
I graduated three years later and took a working holiday visa right away, to Japan again. I found a job after a few months and decided to stay, living new experiences and improving my Japanese skills one day after another.

I left Japan at the end of 2016 and have been travelling the world as a freelance translator since then.


Language Pair Area of Specialty Experience Description Example Translations
English → French Music 1 year Releases, events, interviews... View Examples
English → French Business 3 years Websites, contracts, business letters... View Examples
Japanese → French Gaming 1 year Nintendo 3DS, smartphone...
Japanese → French Business 3 years ウェブサイト、契約書、ビジネスメールなど View Examples

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