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With 7+ years experience studying Japanese, impeccable English writing skills and thorough research skills, I am equipped to deliver an effective Japanese>English translation. I am also trained to proofread texts for a variety of purposes. My preferred areas include lifestyle such as culture, travel, beauty and culinary related texts. Having completed tertiary studies in the discipline of business/economics, I am also equipped with subject-specific knowledge for translation in this area. I am also happy to take on other genres to increase my range of skills and knowledge. I am a hard-working individual with flexible working hours who always strives for the highest quality.

Contact me during the following hours:
8:00-19:00 (AEST) Mon-Sun


7~18時(JST) 月~日


Language Pair Area of Specialty Experience Description Example Translations
Japanese → English Business 1 year Translation of business emails, job descriptions, business news articles etc.
Japanese → English Food/Recipe/Menu 1 year Translation of cookbooks/recipes, food articles and restaurant menus
Japanese → English Medical 1 year Translation of patient information leaflets, journal articles etc.
Japanese → English Science 1 year Translation of scientific journal articles and popular science news articles. Technical translation of product user manuals.
Japanese → English Literature 1 year Translation of short stories
Japanese → English Accounting 1 year Extract translation of financial reports
Japanese → English Travel 1 year Translation of travel articles, tourist information websites etc.

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Starter English ≫ Japanese 0 0  / 0 0  / 0

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