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I`m going to have a talk w/ our employee at the warehouse. I`m not sure if he`s just grabbing any Taylor that has " 614CE " on it when he should be checking serial numbers. I`ll explain the to him how to verify the guitars are built in 2012. I`ll also see if I can convince shipping not to open in coming Taylor guitars if they were ordered by me. That way, we can be sure however condition you receive it, it will have been shipped to us by Taylor that way. I`m normally in the keyboard dept and have a lot to learn w/ guitars. I`ve just started working, I`ll make a call and see if there is an unopened 614CE that I can get out today. I`ll take care of your return shipping on the one you have there. My apologies.


私は 商品保管所で 従業員たちと話をするつもりです。

その際、我々は あなたがそれを受け取る状態がどうであれ、その方法でテーラーが送ることは確かだと言えます。