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sujiko 52 IT、金融などを中心として社内翻訳者を数年経験後、フリーランス翻訳者として...

Thank you so much for your email. We are really pleased to meet you here and hope to see you very soon too
I will look around on the market and recommend to you as soon as possible
In the mean time I already found out the supplier for metal part with cheaper price, so I will keep the same price for you for next time order. Dont worry sir. Im sorry for this inconvenience
Thank you



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noriko_kt 54 2020年6月よりconyacでのお仕事を再開いたしました。 日⇄英...
noriko_kt rated this translation result as ★★★★ 10 Dec 2019 at 13:12

here, in the meantime, cheaper priceなどに注意

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