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sujiko 52 IT、金融などを中心として社内翻訳者を数年経験後、フリーランス翻訳者として...

Based on the result obtained from laboratory test SU, the OOS batch 18 was reprocessed according to MBR, process steps 28 to 32 and 42 to 64 and the new batch no 19 was assigned for the reprocessed material. The deviating isomeric constitution is uncritical for the subsequent step since stereo isomeric information is strictly confidential
abrogated and in either case identical products are formed, Based on the results obtained from laboratory test SU, it can be expected that by the applied reprocessing, material complying with the valid specifications is obtained. Besides deviation M-2, no further deviations have been recorded for the batches mentioned in the batch history described above.



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helter 53 More than 10-year experience in trans...
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