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steveforest 52 I worked for the broadcaster as an en...

the wind whips unkindly against the small frame of a boy. it turns his sensitive skin from pale to pink tinged, roughened up by the imprints of unseen force. no coat clinging to body; Ciel adorns but a simple dress shirt and cheap vest.
no silk eyepatch to shield his marked eye, only a medical gauze with too many straps. straps that only influence cowlicks into Ciel’s hair. it’s as poor as he could look, the only clothes he owned that could pass as peasant when the entirety of his wardrobe is too perfectly prim, too indicative of his true status. beneath the highlighting moonlight and the dead stars, doused in cruel winds that blur his uncovered eye, Ciel cringes and shivers in his disguise. his petite hands



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3_yumie7 60 英語、フランス語、スペイン語、ポルトガル語から日本語への翻訳をしています。...
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