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8.2 The price of the Goods:
(a) Excludes amounts in respect of value added tax (VAT) and/or other taxes, which the
Customer shall additionally be liable to pay to the Supplier at the prevailing rate; and
(b) Excludes the costs and charges of packaging, insurance and transport of the Goods, the costs of which shall be set out in the Supplier's written acceptance of the Order and which are included in the Contract Price.
8.3 The Customer shall pay the Contact Price in full and in cleared funds. Payment shall be
made to the Supplier's Nominated Bank Account. Time of payment is of the essence.


8.2 商品の価格:
a) VATおよび(或いは)その他の税金を除いたもので、顧客はその時に決められた率でサプライヤーに支払うものとする。
b) 梱包の費用、保険、商品の発送料は除く。それらの金額は価格合意書に従ったもので、サプライヤーは注文書に明記する。
8.3 顧客は全額を決済資金で支払う。支払いは、サプライヤー指定の銀行口座に支払う。期限厳守。

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