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chibbi 52 現在アメリカワシントン州シアトル郊外に住んでいます。長年、デルタ航空の予約...


I am sorry again that this shipment did not arrive as expected. Please allow us to assist in filing a claim. We need your assistance with providing supporting information. Please make sure your unique Suite Number and the Tracking Number of the shipment is listed on the label of each piece of supporting information. Please reply to this email with the information requested below:

Please provide documents in .pdf or.doc format and pictures in .gif or .jpeg format:

1. Copy of the merchant invoice or receipt(s) showing the purchase value.
-Label each receipt to correspond to the seller you bought the order from (Ex. Ste 2959-306 Trkg 5984133411 Receipt From Amazon)



情報はpdf もしくはdoc フォーマットにて、写真はgifもしくはjpegフォーマットでおしらせください。

それぞれの領収書には購入の際の売り手名が記載されていること。(例 Ste 2959-306 Trkg 5984133411 アマゾンからの領収書)

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