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transcontinents 61 ビジネス文書作成、交渉、輸出入実務の経験があり、ビジネス関連コミュニケーシ...

Do not worry because I already contacted the seller and informed them to exempt you from the case then provided them the steps how to close the case. I also told them that, you as the buyer, is not deserving to get an Unpaid Item case and I educated them how to properly file an Unpaid Item case.

For now, you do not have anything else to do but to wait for them to close the case manually. I am confident that they will close it especially that we (eBay), is the one notifying them about proper procedure of this Unpaid Item subject.

If in case the seller will not close it manually, do not worry because the case will automatically close within 36 days leaving you no bad record or strike.





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ishiotoko 60 Hi, I can handle Japanese, English, a...
ishiotoko rated this translation result as ★★★★★ 14 Apr 2016 at 20:39


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