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Q3: 利用できるシステムの推奨環境を教えて下さい
A: 快適にご利用頂ける環境として、下記の環境を推奨しております。

Q1: 「募集テーマ」とはなんですか?
A: デザイナーのみなさんに対する、製品企画・プロダクトデザインの募集テーマを閲覧できるページです。


Q3: Please tell me the recommended environment of an available system.

A: I recommend the following environment which you use comfortably.

The constitution of each page

Q1: What is "the raising theme?"
A: It is a page for designers that can read a raising theme of a product plan / a product design.

In TRINUS, unique technology and material in Japan which hide various possibility but is not utilized enough in the world, is excavated.In the page of the raising theme, attention about not only technical contents but also the story that reached development, is paid.

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