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ニコニコ生放送「西川貴教のイエノミ!! イナズマロックフェス2015 出張版 ~第一夜~」

9/19(土) 12:00~
T.M.Revolution 西川貴教が主催する地元滋賀県の野外音楽フェスティバル「イナズマロックフェス2015」の開催を記念して今年も7夜連続イナズマロックフェスウイークを放送!!


'Takanori Nishikawa's Ienomi! INAZUMA ROCK FES 2015 Official Tour ~1st night~' on Nico Nico Live broadcast

September 19 (Sat) from 12:00~

Takanori Nishikawa from T.M.Revolution brings an open air festival 'INAZUMA ROCK FES 2015' to his hometown in Shiga prefecture! To commemorate the opening of the festival, the seven consecutive nights of rock music from the INAZUMA ROCK FES WEEK will be broadcasted!
An 'Ienomi! Official Tour ~1st night~' report will be made on the 6th day from around the 'Raijin' stage.

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