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[deleted user] 59 I was in Australia for 6 months & the...

Because of UPS issues (no pick up Monday and Wednesday and limited pickup today due to the weather) I decided NOT to wait until UPS gets its act together here and have Marshall drop ship it to you as we have done in the past.

Its not what I had intended to do, but it will be whats quickest and best for us both.

As soon as I get the tracking info for this one - Ill email you :)


UPSのサービスの関係で(月曜日と水曜日されませんし、それに天気のせいで今日は集荷に制限がかかっています。) 私は、UPSの都合に合わせて集荷されるのを待たない事にしました。それで以前にも使った事がある、マーシャル便にてお送りする事にします。


トラッキングの情報が入り次第、e-mail にてお知らせします。:)

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