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As the main building of the shrine is located along the beach, its alcove posts come into contact with sea water often and are prone to corrosion. Moreover, through the ages, it has weather many fires and natural disasters. Each time it happened, the people both within and outside of the island with their deep faiths, have contributed to its restoration, allowing it to preserve its majestic grandeur up to this age.

Momiji Bun
A famous item and representative local product. At present, there are numerous stores within Hiroshima that sell it and it is well known throughout the country as a souvenir of Hiroshima.

Shamoji (Ladle)
There are shamoji with decorative words such as "Victory" (必勝) and "Prosperity" (商売繁盛). With Hiroshima prefecture as origin, these shamoji have many usages and have replaced musical instruments when cheering on local sports teams.

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