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tourmaline 50 技術翻訳が得意です。

・訪問する技師のために木浦 (Mokpo) 周辺のホテルを予約していただくことは可能ですか?(11月5日に一泊)ホテル代はクレジットカードで技師が支払います。



At the request of Company X, we are planning to send one technician from Japan to perform services in South Korea on 7 November.
We would like to ask you a few questions about the visit.
- Can you book a hotel in the Mokpo area for the visiting engineer? The engineer will pay for the hotel (one night on 5 November) with a credit card.
- I would like to request a transfer from the hotel to Mokpo Port and from Mokpo Port to Mokpo Station on 6 November.

If agency fees need to be paid locally, we would appreciate it if you could let us know the amount in advance.

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