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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I'd like to consult with you about my Customer Metrics. Currently Delivered ...

takeshikm Translated by takeshikm
May I consult my Customer Metrics with you?
The Delivered on Time just keeps under the targeted value now.
Does this tendency affect to sales such as the taking rate of carts?
I have heard this is caused by the system that doesn't support Japan Post's tracking number as asking the reason last time.
As you can see from the customer feedback, I keep trying hard to provide the best quality service.
I would appreciate for your support.
User's Request Text
私のCustomer Metricsについて、相談をさせていただけないでしょうか。
現在Delivered on timeがターゲット数値を下回っています。
以前に原因を質問したところ、Japan Postの追跡番号はサポート対象外であることが原因と聞きました。

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