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[Translation from Japanese to Native English ] Hello! I am a user who loves github. I always use it. I have a question. ...

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I am a user who loves github. I always use it.

I have a question.
There are some repositories among the popular ones that no longer do maintenance, but have collected many pull requests and been forked many times.
I feel like that is a waste.

I would like to propose this solution: if you make it so that it is possible for the developer to declare they are no longer maintaining the repository, it will be possible to appoint the next main developer.

By all means, I am hoping that the problem mentioned above will be solved.
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人気があるリポジトリの中に幾つかメンテナンスされず、pull requestが溜まってしまい沢山forkされてしまっているリポジトリがあります。



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