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Interbrands TV is a new service offered exclusively to clients of Interbrands.
Through our production team in New York, brands which have attained the prestigious “Interbrands Status” can now bring their presentations in the Interbrands books to life though sound and pictures.

The IBTV video productions mirror the text and images from the brand presentations in the Interbrands books.

This is a great way to showcase the brands strengths and Interbrands Status through an important new digital delivery platform.
IBTV creates high quality video footage for our Interbrands clients.

Brands can use this footage to promote their brand stories and successes to their clients, shareholders, and within the brands supply chains THE VOTING PROCESS

The Interbrands Council in each country is comprised of individuals who have shown exceptional aptitude in business and who have a thorough knowledge of that particular country’s markets and methods of business. The Interbrands Council members produce a shortlist of candidate brands from a list provided by our researchers (we list all brands available in the country that are widely available) we then invite the Marketing Directors of shortlisted brands to vote online for all the other brands and the scoring is tabulated to result in the top scoring brands being designated as Interbrands

The Interbrands are then notified of their status as Interbrands and invited to take part in the Award Event. All Interbrands, regardless of whether they choose to be listed in the book or not, are awarded the Interbrands trophy. Participating brands receive their award at the Award Event and non-participating brands receive theirs by courier.

The Award Event is a high profile, premier marketing occasion attended by the media which brings considerable media exposure for the Interbrands members.

Interbrands events are attended by representatives from all qualifying Interbrands and are probably the largest collection of senior brand guardians (including Chief Executives and Managing Directors) at any event in the calendar year.

The 2012 Interbrands JAPAN Volume VIII was published in June 2012 and contains 52 double page full colour brand case histories which tell the fascinating and insightful stories of the JAPAN's most valued brands.

A diverse selection of industry sectors are featured in the book ranging from FMCG's through to corporate giants. Many leading international brands are featured alongside some of the JAPAN's strongest homegrown brands. The inclusion of brands from diverse categories such as technology, finance, lifestyle, retail and fast moving consumer goods brands make Interbrands JAPAN a fascinating and accurate reflection of the Japanese way of life.

Brands with Interbrand status are entitled to use the Interbrands award seal on their packaging and in their advertising to show customers that they have achieved this recognition for their branding excellence (in the same way many companies expose ISO accreditation). Many of the world’s leading brands have chosen to advertise the fact that they have received Interbrand status, taking large advertisements in major local publications to do so. A certificate is also provided for display.

In the JAPAN many major brands are now utilising the seal in their marketing and PR activities, and we expect to see this usage increase as we move onto our ninth edition in the country. In order to achieve the most out your Interbrands award it is suggested that the Interbrands logo and seal be used in a variety of different ways that best demonstrate your brand's status. Amongst these is using the seal on packaging, advertisements, transport, business cards etc. For advice on how best to leverage your Interbrands status contact us by email.


The culmination of each Interbrands programme is an Awards event which has been described in the press as "the Oscars for branding". This event attracts a great deal of media attention and representatives of each brand are presented with their Interbrands awards in the presence of senior figures from the industry and their peers. The event is a premier marketing occasion, attended by the media (including TV crews) and a large collection of senior executives and brand guardians (including many CEOs). The evening is a celebration of branding, and is used to showcase participating brands. It also acts as a highly successful networking opportunity which facilitates intimate building of relationships between executives and rewards members with a privileged opportunity to listen to and interact with authoritative experts.

As the only book of its kind dedicated exclusively to the country's leading brands, the Interbrands Book is set to become the local marketing community's premier source of information on how great brands become Interbrands. The Book opens with expert comment from the Interbrands Council on "What makes a Interbrand?" and then goes onto explore the development and achievements of many of the strongest brands in JAPAN, revealing extraordinary findings along the way.
Each brand is presented on two pages, full colour feature which together make a fascinating and insightful presentation of the respective brand.
A diverse selection of industry sectors are featured in the Book, ranging from FMCGs through to corporate giants. Many key international brands are featured alongside some of the JAPAN's strongest home-grown brands and the presence of education, tourism and NPOs make Interbrands a fascinating reflection of the Japanese way of life. 1. Interbrands Reference Book
Each member brand receives a two-page case study in the Interbrands reference book as well as the opportunity to customise their books with a bespoke cover. The book is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the history and achievements of each member brand; copies are successfully used as corporate gifts for customers, suppliers, journalists, key staff and stakeholders. Customised covers are an extremely popular method of maximising Interbrands status and provide a lasting and powerful image of each brand.

2. Online Brand Case Study
Each member brand also has their case study available for download on the Interbrands website. The site acts as an invaluable reference for journalists, academics, consumers, and business professionals interested in gaining further insight into the JAPAN's leading brands. Participating member brands also have their brand logo prominently displayed on the Interbrands website linked to their own brand website.

Interbrands and its PR partners work with all sectors of the local media to promote both the project itself and the participating brands. Television, print, radio and Internet are all utilised to inform the local market about how Interbrands operates, and which brands in their market have achieved Interbrand status.
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日用品から巨大企業まで選りすぐりの多様な産業セクターがこの本で紹介されている。多くの国際的に有名なブランドと共に日本最強かつ自国で育まれたブランドも特集された。技術、財政、ライフスタイル、小売業や日用品ブランドといった多様なカテゴリーがインターブランズジャパンを日本人の生活の素晴らしさ、精密さを反映している。 シールとロゴ


日本のメジャーブランドはマーケティングやPR活動にシールを利用しており、同国で第9編の準備に伴いこの利用数が増加するものと期待している。 インターブランズの威力を最大限発揮するには、インターブランズのロゴとシールを様々な方法でブランドステータスのアピールに活用すべきである。その方法の例として、パッケージにシールを貼る、広告、運送、名刺などが挙げられる。インターブランズのステータスを上げる最善策についてのアドバイスをお求めの方は、メールにてご連絡ください。

各インターブランズプルグラムの最高峰は受賞イベントで、「オスカーズ・フォー・ブランディング」としてプレス発表されている。このイベントは多くのメディアから注目を集め、業界の著名人や関係者の出席のもと各ブランド代表者がインターブランズ賞を授与されるものである。 イベントには、(テレビの取材班を含む)マスコミ、多くの上級経営幹部、(CEOを含む)多くのブランド・ガーディアンが参加し、マーケティングには最高の機会です。夜会では、ブランドになったことを祝い、参加ブランド各社の製品も展示されます。このイベントは、非常に好結果を生むネットワークづくりの機会にもなります。企業の重役と受賞メンバーとの関係構築がたやすく出来、また権威ある専門家の話を聞き、対話する特権が与えられる貴重な機会でもあります。

本書は、その国の一流ブランドに限定して丁寧に編集された唯一の本であるため、インターブランドの本は、優れたブランドがどのようにしてインターブランドになるかの地元マーケティング・コミュニティーの一番の情報源になり始めております。 本書はインターブランド評議会の「何がインターブランドにさせるのか」の問いに対する専門家のコメントで始まり、多くの日本最強ブランドの道すがらに対する特別な発見を明らかにしつつ、各社の発展と達成を探る方向に進んでゆく。各ブランドは2ページに亘りフルカラーで特集されており、それぞれのブランドについて魅惑的で洞察力の鋭い紹介がされている。
本書では日曜消耗品ブランドから巨大企業に至るまで、様々な業界が選び出され、多くの主要国際ブランドが日本最強の国産ブランドと並んで特集されている。教育、観光事業、NPOの存在が、インターブランドに日本的生活方式について魅惑的な考察をさせている。 1. インターブランド・レファレンス・ブック

2. オンライン・ブランド・ケーススタディー
各メンバー・ブランドの皆様は御社のケーススタディーをインターブランドのホームページからダウンロードして頂くことができます。 弊社のウェブサイトは、日本の一流ブランドについてのさらなる洞察を得ようと関心を持たれているジャーナリスト、研究者、消費者の方々の貴重な参考書としても機能しております。参加メンバーブランド各社のロゴは自社ブランドのウェブサイトとリンクしたインターブランドのウェブサイトに際立てて表示されております。


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