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Objectives and Implications of the New Regulatory Initiatives
Since the crisis began, the regulatory reform agenda has been both ambitious and global. Setting aside some specific attempts to alter business models (the Vickers commission report in the United King- dom and the Volcker rule under the Dodd-Frank Act in the United States) at the national level, the global regulatory reform agenda has not been driven

toward directly altering financial sector structures
per se, but rather toward promoting safer behavior 8However, the emphasis in
the reforms on raising the costs of riskier activities means one can expect changes by the private sector to lower overall costs and move to more profitable activities.
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危機が始まって以来、規制改革の検討課題は野心的かつグローバルなものとなっている。 国家レベルでの、幾つかのビジネスモデルを修正する具体的試み(イギリスのヴィッカーズ委員会報告や、アメリカのドット・フランク法の下でのボルカー・ルール)を除いては、グローバルな規制改革の検討課題は変化しつつある金融セクターの構造に直接向けられておらず、むしろより安全な行動を促進する方向に向けられてきた。8

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