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Check out Ai Tanaka’s easy neck massages that will make your neck look more beautiful!

Today, we will use tourmaline gel cream for the massage.

1. Promote your neck’s lymph flow

Spread the cream on the palms of your hands and gently massage the side of your neck with one finger. This is where part of your lymph vessels is located. Since the lymph vessels are very soft and thin, you shouldn’t press on your neck too hard. Do this exercise 10 times and repeat the whole procedure another 2 times. This will make your neck look elegant, thin, and long.

2. Lose your neck wrinkles

Spread your fingers and place one hand on the uppermost part of your neck, while placing the other on the lowest. Move your upper hand up and your lower hand down, as if you were gently stretching your neck. Hold that pose for 10 seconds.

3. Massage your décolleté lymph vessels

Cross your arms and hold the sides of your neck with both hands. Then, move both hands down diagonally by moving your elbows outwards. This will make the skin around your neck look nice, making your face seem smaller and your neck more young and beautiful. Repeat this exercise another 2 times.

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今天,我们将使用 Ai Tanaka 简单颈部按摩能使颈部变的美丽






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