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Take a bit of tourmaline cream, about the size of small cherries, onto your hands. Apply this to your cheeks, and start massaging this area in circles with your fists. This exercise will relax your face muscles and make your face smaller.

Next, make peace signs with both hands and use the two fingers to firmly trace the outline of your jaw from your chin to your ears. This will stimulate your lymphatic system.

Lastly, open your hands and use all your fingers to massage the skin under your eyes: Slide your hands from the inner corner of your eyes to the outer. After doing this several times, continue on to your forehead and massage your lymph vessels by pressing your fingers to the center of your hairline and sliding them down to your ears.

Finish by flushing out the toxins in your lymphatic system: Slide your hands from your jaw and ears to the bottom of your neck. Imagine yourself pushing out the toxin from your face as you do this.

That’s it! You’ve finished the rock-scissors-paper massage:)
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